What Makes a Successful Author?

This weekend, I was at a writer's networking and marketing conference in Las Vegas. It was inspiring to meet so many people who have made a career of writing. There was a poll before we arrived, and out of a little over 400 of us, 4 were making seven-figures a year. Over 50 were making six-figures, and hundreds more had been able to replace their previous income and go full time. Very few attendees had been published for more than three or four years, including the seven-figure authors.

As a full-time writer and a publisher (sadly, not in the seven-figure bracket - yet), I wanted to understand what all of these folks had in common. What made them different that allowed them to quit their day-jobs?

I found no commonalities in regards to gender, age, race, previous career, professional training, time spent writing, or any other demographic distinction.

The one thing everyone had in common? They did it. They started. They wrote that first book, and put it out there. Some of them self-published, and some of them went through a publisher. Every person in that room who was successful - Did It.

What are you waiting for? If you have a manuscript, and you're interested in seeing what is possible, reach out to us. We're happy to discuss what your options are. No hard sells, we only want to work with people that are a good fit for our company and business model.