Orbit Class of 2017

Cobble Publishing has a lot of submissions we're reviewing and a lot of potential authors to put in our pipeline. To prepare, we've been busy beavers dreaming up marketing ideas. We're borrowing heavily from the playbooks of scrappy Indie publishers, but we're also looking at the big guys to see what they are doing. Orbit Books (Hachette's fantasy imprint) has a great promotion running right now, and I love the concept. They've taken their Class of 2017 Debut authors and discounted everyone's eBooks to $2.99.

As a publisher, I like the promo because it is creating strong Also Bought's within their catalogue, which could pay off with months of cross-selling. Without getting too technical, it's a virtuous circle where once you get hooked, you'll be reading Orbit Books for half the year. I wanted to mention it in the News, though, because in addition to Fantasy writers, we love Fantasy readers. And readers, this deal is too good to pass up!

The countdown clock says the deal is already over, but I just checked on Amazon and everything is still discounted. Go fill up your Kindles quick! I suggest starting with Nicholas Eames' Kings of the Wyld (this book is officially the competition, but I still can't stop myself from recommending it!), then moving to Anna Smith Spark and RJ Barker.


Orbit Class of 2017

Still here? My second favorite thing about the promotion is that Cobble Publishing's titles appear to be outselling almost every one of Orbit's (at least on Amazon). Interested in how you can be a part of that success? Check out our Submissions page.

Happy reading!