Release Day and Incoming Authors

Cobble Publishing's latest title, "Empty Horizon: Benjamin Ashwood Book 4" debuted at #202 in the overall Amazon Kindle store on its release day. We were pleased with the result and are over the moon with the early reviews that have been pouring in (4.9 stars on Amazon, 4.59 on Goodreads). With such positive reviews, we hope word of mouth propels this book to even greater success! The Benjamin Ashwood series has sold over 85,000 copies now, and Empty Horizon is taking the series to new heights - if you are a fan of traditional high fantasy - go check it out HERE.

We're also pleased to announce that several new authors are interested in coming into the Cobble Publishing family. We still have a few legal hoops to jump through to get the contracts signed, but as soon as they are, we'll be making announcements here and giving some information about our upcoming release schedule. Stay tuned!

If you're interested in becoming a Cobble Publishing author, please visit our Submissions page for more information.