Tanya Schofield - 3 Question Interview

Cobble Publishing author Tanya Schofield had her debut on April 17th. If you haven't checked it out yet, Awaken: Melody's Song Book 1 is already getting excellent reviews. To share a little bit more about Tanya, we conducted a short form three question interview. Here's what she told us:

CP: Your debut book Awaken is out on April 17th (see link above). Can you tell us a little bit about it, and who should read it?

TS: In simplest terms, Melody’s Song is the story of a girl finding her voice in a world that wants to silence it. Awaken is the beginning of that story. Because everything I do is character-driven, the book (and trilogy) features people making a difference, resisting injustice, accepting themselves in spite of their flaws, pursuing power, sacrificing their humanity ... all mixed in with the basic things, like loss and love and betrayal and family. Plus, there's a bit with a dog.

Who should read it? Everyone and their hairdresser, of course! (Welcome to the closest I ever get to self-promotion.) It's technically a YA Fantasy (with some adult themes,) but if you're a grown-up and you like stories, give it a try. My daughter's a grown up, and she likes it. So, there's that. 

CP: What inspired the Melody’s Song trilogy?

TS: Dungeons and Dragons, if we're being completely honest. I'd love to have some impressive tale of allegorically finding my own voice as I experienced-- *falls asleep just thinking it* YeahNo. It started as an AD&D campaign. (that's second edition, for the infants in the crowd.)

Fun fact - Melody started out her life as a bard. And if you want to go waaaaaaay back in the archives, I'll tell you that Bashara was originally Melody's pet skunk, and once upon a time Jovan and Kaeliph burned down a church full of nuns. So, things have changed a bit from the beginning.

More fun facts - through the years, when people heard I was writing a fantasy book, they would say "put my role-play character in it!" I totally did. Half the cast is people I played the LostSouls MUD with (that's "multi-user domain" for non-decrepit readers. It's what old nerds did on the intertubes before MMORPGs. Text-based, yo. Imagination. *pours one out for my Garou homies*)

CP: What interests do you have outside of telling stories?

TS: I am a fan. TV, books, even video games... Primarily Supernatural, but I have entire lobes of my brain dedicated to other universes. Dr. Who, Sherlock, Firefly, Harry Potter, Harry Dresden, Discworld, Welcome to Nightvale, Dr. Horrible, Gravity Falls, Lord of the Rings (my daughter's name is Galadriel,) Everquest, Dragon Age ... I just love spending time in other people's worlds.

I've also been a tarot reader for over 20 years, I enjoy tea and am borderline obsessed with musical theater, I was once a Boy Scout, I'm a rabid minimalist, I have 8 tattoos and turquoise hair, I speak fluent .gif and can talk for ages about how .gifs are the natural evolution of language circling back to the age of hieroglyphs (and I will pronounce it "jif" when Jod Himself comes down from heaven and corrects me,) I'm fatally allergic to dogs, I name the inanimate objects in my life (my car's name is Abby,) and my single driving goal in life is to live a tiny life in a tiny house with a tiny cat by a great big ocean.

Thank you Tanya for taking time to answer our questions!

You can find Tanya on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/iamtanyaschofield or on her website at: https://www.tanyaschofield.com. We recommend following Tanya on Facebook and signing up for the newsletter on the website. Free short stories, personal insight, and all of that. Or, find the book HERE.

Happy reading!