we are currently closed for submissions.

guidelines listed below for reference when we reopen:

We are a traditional publisher meaning we offer fair royalties including an advance. We foot the bill for production costs, you do not. We produce a marketing plan and contractually commit to funding it. We accept agented and non-agented submissions. If you have a question on how our process works, please go ahead and ask.

Send all submissions to and include the following information:

  • Your manuscript in either Word or PDF format
  • A brief synopsis of the story
  • Publishing history if there is any
  • What rights are available
  • Whether it is a standalone title or part of a series. If a series, how complete are the manuscripts

We are unable to give detailed feedback on all submissions, but we do respond to every query that we review. Recent response times have averaged 2-3 weeks. If you received a declination, please do not resubmit that title, but you are welcome to send additional works for consideration. If you have a question, we are friendly, so go ahead and ask.